My million mile journey

My Million-Mile Journey tells the awe-inspiring story of one Texas girl’s perilous journey from abandonment, abuse, and parental alcoholism to a joyous, fulfilled life of faith and gratitude.

You will learn first-hand how God protected her and healed even her deepest scars through His grace and mercy. Patsy, guided by the Holy Spirit, wants to inspire and give hope to those who may have suffered from painful relationships in the past or who may be struggling today.

Come along on this often shocking, sometimes painful journey with Patsy. Meet many of the angels who guided her as she relives those early years and shares how she was able to:

  • forgive her parents for the abuse and abandonment she endured as a child
  • rise above her circumstances to build a meaningful life for her and her family
  • break free of the chains of abuse and alcoholism that could have sabotaged her life as well as the lives of her daughters
  • and, most importantly, follow her calling to live the life God intended.

If there were such a thing as an Amber Alert during Patsy Wurster’s childhood, it would have been one long alarm. In My Million-Mile Journey, she writes powerfully about a very troubled childhood that—despite the odds—turns into a rewarding life with her family, her work, and her God.

Bill Loveless National Energy Journalist, Co-Host of the “Columbia Energy Exchange” Podcast and Former Anchor of “Platts Energy Week”