The Journey Continues…

Two more book signings with roundtable discussions are on the books for September. I feel blessed and am a little overwhelmed by all the personal stories people share with me when they read about my story. There are a lot of hurting people in this world who are searching for a little bit of inspiration and hope. They tell me they can relate to my past, all in different ways. When I began to think about it, I have survived and thrived after so many painful experiences – ran away from an abusive home three times, was kidnapped, uprooted over 40 times, married as a child to escape my home life, divorced and became a single mom at age 30, and filed bankruptcy. And yet, I have lived and am living a blessed life; I am deeply loved by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as well as an amazing husband and family, I have travelled all over the world doing what I love and now get to touch people every day through my story. There’s hope, my friends, no matter your circumstances. There’s a God who loves you and is beside you always.

One of my favorite photos from London.

2 thoughts on “The Journey Continues…

  1. You have and continue to be an amazing roll model. Your strength and gentle Christian heart carries many in this family. You make myself and many realize it is ok to have a lrss thsn perfect past, its what we learn along the way thst matters most.

    1. Thank you sweet Tina. You’re such a blessing to me. If the truth be told, we all are broken from our past in some way. You’re so right, what matters most is how we learn from our past and use it to make today the best we can. Then, doing the best we can today will take care of tomorrow.

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